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Son zamanlarda para sıkıntısı çeken 23 yaşındaki genç genç blondie sarışın üniversite öğrencisi Aiden Ashley, ev sahibi de geciken kirayı ödemesi için üzerinde baskı kurmaya başlayınca yan işler yapmaya karar verir… HD 1080p Türkçe altyazılı hard porno izle.

Lessons In Business

Aiden Ashley is leaving her apartment to go to work when she gets a call from her landlord demanding the rent. Aiden promises that she’ll have it for him tomorrow. But when Aiden rushes out to her car, her day goes from bad to worse as it fails to start. She slams her hands on the wheel in frustration and phones her boss to tell him she’s going to be late again. At that moment, her teacher Stirling Cooper happens to be driving by and offers to give her a lift to work. Relieved, Aiden hops in. As they drive, Stirling makes conversation. She’s one of his best students and he’s curious why she’s working in a diner. Shouldn’t she be focusing on her education? Aiden explains that working at the diner is how she makes ends meet. Stirling seems to get an idea, explaining to Aiden that his step-dad runs a business that he’s involved in. Maybe it’s something that Aiden would be interested in? She ponders for a moment, asking Stirling what kind of business it is. He hesitates and gives Aiden his step-father’s business card. She can think about it and if she’s interested, she can give him a call and he’ll explain what type of business it is. Download HD Turkish subtitled hard porno izle.

A few days later, after having thought about it, Aiden meets up with Stirling’s step-father, Steve Holmes, to talk about the job. Steve looks her up and down, commenting on Aiden’s dressed-down appearance, worrying aloud that she isn’t taking this opportunity seriously. When Aiden argues that she DOES take this seriously, Steve insists that Aiden open her shirt, taking a look at her body. Sizing her up, Steve says that he sees some…potential, adding that he is running a high-end agency – he provides ONLY the best. Aiden is hesitant but, tempted by Steve’s offer, she ultimately agrees to become one of his girls. Steve and Stirling meet up a couple of days later to talk business. When Aiden calls, Steve insists that she come over. Steve and Stirling are going to sample what Aiden has to offer. Aiden is hesitant at first, but reluctantly agrees. She’s about to be taught one of the most important lessons in business…

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