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Geçen sene vergi borçlarını ödemediği için 5 bin dolar paraya ihtiyacım olan tatlı siyahi zenci üvey olan Kızı kardeşim Michelle bana yavşamaya başlamıştı ve borç para istiyordu. Ona tek kuruş vermeyeceğimden emin olsa da tam bir fahişe gibi konuşarak beni yola getirmeye çalışıyordu. Ama bu umurumda bile değildi. Evde bu muhabbetler döndükten sonra ben işe gidip geldim ve odama girerek tam yatacaktım ki üvey olan Kızı kardeşimi yatağın üzerinde uzanırken buldum. Ona çok yorgun olduğumu ve odamdan siktir olup gitmesini söyledim çünkü tekrar benden para dileneceğini biliyordum. Tam da bu sırada üvey olan Kızı kardeşim borçlarını ödemek için bir iş bulduğunu ve porno yıldızı olacağını söyleyince ona ilk postayı benim atmam kaçınılmaz oldu. 1080p 720p 480p Türkçe altyazılı borç isteyen kardeşini sikti pornosunu seyret.

Step Sisters New Job

Bubbly coed ebony girl Michelle Anderson is shocked when she received a letter stating she owes a ton of money. Her stepbrother, Tony, comes to see what all the commotion is about. He has some suggestions of places Michelle can turn to for the money she needs to pay the bill, but Michelle doesn’t like any of those ideas. She wants Tony to help her out since she knows he has the dinero, but he refuses and takes off to go to work.

When Tony gets home later, Michelle is in his bed. She tells Tony that she found a new job: She’s going to do porn. Michelle wants Tony to help her for her first shoot coming up. Tony tries to play it off like Michelle is fucking with him, but she insists she’s for real. She wants to practice so badly that she can’t keep her hands off her stepbro. Before he commits, Tony insists that Michelle shows him the goods by flashing her tits and ass for him. When he lays hands on that pussy and feels how nice and wet his stepsis is, Tony decides to give in and let her have his way. He’s instantly rewarded with Michelle’s soft lips wrapped around his hardon to suck him down. Watch HD Turkish subtitled borç isteyen kardeşini sikti porn.

Once Michelle has demonstrated her amazing skills at sucking cock and guzzling the balls, she climbs into bed so he can see how good a lay she really is. She rides Tony’s hardon so nicely with that booty jiggling on every stroke. Then she sucks her own juices off and rolls onto her back so Tony can stand by the bed and bang her. With her hands on her tits, Michelle rubs her nipples and moans in excitement with her big stepbrother’s cock inside her. Slapping that ass as Michelle is on her knees taking it in doggy, Tony gives his stepsis one last climax. Then he lets Michelle suck him off so he can nut all over her open mouth in a facial that definitely convinces him she’ll be great in porn.

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