Hizmetçi Tecavüz Porno Altyazılı | Candice Dare – Pure Taboo

Evde kimsenin olmayacağını düşünüp hırsızlık yapmaya giren ikili Jack ve Leo, evdeki hizmetliye yakalanınca onu tehdit ederler. Hizmtçi ise canını kurtarabilmek için bu iki hırsıza ne isterlerse yapacağını söyler. Hatta ikisiyle birden sikişebileceğini bile! Full HD 1080p hizmetli tecavüz porno seyret ve indir.


Jack and Leo are in the car looking out at a house on a residential street. Leo is nervous about what they’re about to do, but Jack reassures him, stating that the door is unlocked and the family won’t be home for hours. They slip ski masks over their heads and get out of the car. Jack and Leo cautiously approach the home and open the door, going inside. They take off their ski-masks and look around, getting a sense of the place. They are clearly there to rob the house. Thinking that they are alone, they make no effort to speak in low voices. Just as Jack and Leo turn around to go their separate ways, they freeze, looking at something. Leo looks shocked and panicked. Jack appears shocked as well, but also a little curious, almost intrigued. Watch 1080p hizmetli tecavüz porno for free.

Standing in the living room is a young woman, Maggie (Candice Dare), a cleaning rag and spray bottle dropped to the floor in front of her, forgotten. She is frozen in total fear. Maggie is a maid who the men did not anticipate being home. Leo is in a panic while Jack is calm but frustrated at his partner as they try to figure out what to do with Maggie. When Jack asks Maggie what she’s doing there, since she usually only comes in later, she says that she came to the house last night and stayed over. She does this once a month to do a big clean-up. In a desperate attempt to get herself out of this precarious situation, she offers to fuck both of them. Leo is reluctant, but after some convincing from Jack, he gets on board. Even though no one was supposed to be there, it doesn’t mean Jack and Leo can’t have a little fun…

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