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Okuldaki havalı Kızıların grubuna girebilmek için kendini onlara kanıtlamaya çalışan genç genç Zoey (Avi Love) daha önce yapmadığı çılgın cinsel olarak fantezilerle karşı karşıya kalacaktır. HD 720p Türkçe altyazılı Avi Love porno izle ve indir.

Make Me Proud

SCENE OPENS to Zoey (Avi Love) bound to a piece of furniture in a quiet room. She is greeted by Scarlett, who has a sinister air about her as she tightly circles Zoey, mockingly asking if she’s comfortable. It soon becomes clear through Scarlett’s jeering that Zoey is undergoing a hazing to be accepted as a sorority sister. However, Scarlett isn’t convinced that Zoey even WANTS to be a sister, so why is she bothering?

The truth is that Zoey’s feeling pressured by her mother to follow in her footsteps. Her mother has nothing but fond memories of being in a sorority and only wants Zoey to experience that, too. Unfortunately, times have changed and the hazing is much more than a silly prank. When Scarlett calls in her boyfriend, Chad (Donny Sins), who looks at Zoey with hungry eyes, she declares that Zoey needs to prove that she’s not some lousy virgin. They need all the girls in the sorority to be at their best to help take care of everyone’s needs… Download free HD Turkish subtitled Avi Love porno izle.

Determined to see this through to avoid disappointing her mother, Zoey gives in and lets Chad fuck her. The sex is rough and humiliating, but she hangs in there and sees it through to the end. Thinking she’s passed the test, she gets another shock to the system when they invite in Chad’s roommate, Trey (Zac Wild), who looks even hungrier… All Zoey can do is hope that her mother’s praise will be worth it.

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