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Genç delikanlı kanepede televizyon izleyip rahatlarken yanına gelen seksi üvey olan annesiyle oturmaya başlar. Annesi epey yorgundur ve üvey olan oğlunun dizine yatarak biraz kestirmek ister. Bunu fırsat bilen delikanlı sikini çıkarıp gizlice uyuyan annesinin ağzına verir. Bir süre üvey olan annesinin ağzını siktikten sonra tüm dölünü içine boşaltır! HD 720p Türkçe altyazılı uyuyan annesinin ağzına verdi pornosunu izle.

Mom & Son Share a Couch

Step-Son is relaxed on couth watching tv. Step-Mother walks in with her night robe on and greets him. They make small talk to establish the step-mother/step-son relationship. She tells him how proud she is of him now the he has become the “man of the house” since his step-dad walked out on them..etc. She cuddles next to him, laying her head on his shoulder and she starts to nod off and her robe has started to open. Step-Son slowly opens her robe exposing her naked body and he starts to lightly touch and carass her and begins to touch himself at the same time. She only responds with light moaning sounds. He slowly moves her head down to his groin, pulls out his erect penis and rubs it on his mothers lips.

He uses his hand to open her mouth then inserts his fully erect penis into her mouth. This wakes her and she has a wide eyed look of shock and confusion. She does not do anything to let him know she is awake. He starts to slowly pump his hips to thrust his penis into his mothers mouth. She continues to have a look of shock on her face as she cannot believe this is happening. This continues for the majority of the video. The thrusting should start off slowly and as he gets more excited, the thrusting becomes faster and harder (but not to the point of being a hard “face fucking”, he does not want to wake her.) Watch free HD Turkish subtitled uyuyan annesinin ağzına verdi porn.

He finishes by thrusting deep in her mouth as he convulses during orgasm. The cumshot is in her mouth, not on her face. The step-mother is surprised (wide eyed) as he cums inside her mouth. She waits like this for a moment (mouth wrapped around his penis) before she lets the cum dribble out her mouth. The step-son then pulls up his boxers and closes her robe as if nothing happened while step-mother is left confused

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