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Kızıl saçlı yaşlı hatun Andi James’in insanlara epey borcu vardır. Ve üvey olan oğlu Luke Longly bu borçları kapatmıştır. Fakat kapattığı borçlar karşısında yaşlı üvey olan annesinin her istediği zaman kendisiyle sikişmesini talep etmektedir. Ve tüm hikaye buradan başlar… Bir gün işten eve gelen oğul Luke Longly, tekrar yaşlı üvey olan annesini sikmek ister. Fakat bu sefer, Andi’nin torunu, yani Luke’ün oğlu, babasını babaannesini sikerken görür ve neler döndüğünü anlamaya çalışır… HD 720p Türkçe altyazılı babaanne porno seyret ve indir.

Back Story – Andi is in dept up to her lovely natural DDD breasts and owes many creditors. Her Step-Son Luke has acquired her debts but she must pay him back with sex and blowjobs anytime he wants. She hates this arrangement and is willing to do anything to break her contract, including seducing her grandson Nicky to do something terrible…

Scene One: Grandma Has a Secret

The summer rainy season came early this year. Andi was trying to tan but the weather turned nasty. She walks in the house only wearing a robe and a need to rub some lotion on her body. Andi hears Nicky walking in his room and calls him over. She sweetly asks her Grandson to rub lotion all over her body and drops her robe a bit. Nicky begins to massage and rub in the lotion. Andi looks back and begins the the seduction…

Just as Nicky goes too low for a family member to lotion, Andi tries to tell him a secret but Step-Dad walks in and pulls Nonna away. Nicky is left with a look of shock and follows behind to see where everyone went. Watch HD babaanne porno for free.

He works up the nerve to look thru the crack of the open door and sees his Step-Father fucking his Nonna. Andi is taking the dick from behind and looks over to see Nicky staring back. Step-Dad finishes and walks into the Bathroom…Nicky cannot believe what he has just seen…Andi is left crying on the bed and all Nicky can do is walk away with his mouth open in disbelief…

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