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Salonda yan gelip yattığım sırada blondie sarışın olgun ve dolgun üvey olan anneciğimi annemin telefon konuşmasına kulak misafiri oldum. Kendisi belinden dolayı rahatsız olduğu için her hafta masaj yaptırıyordu. Ama bu hafta masörünün bir işi çıktığı için gelemeyeceğini duydum ve bu durumdan dolayı da aşırı derecede sinirli olduğunu fark ettim. Telefonu kapattığı gibi yanıma geldi ve benden bir şey isteyeceğini söyledi. Bu masaj ihalesi benim üstüme kalmasın diye ona işim var ve meşgulüm gibi şeyler söylesem de birazcık sırtını ovmamı istedi. Ben de ayıp olmasın diye üvey olan anneciğimi annemin teklifini kabul ettim. Fakat tamamen soyunup kalçalarını sadece ufacık bir havlu ile kapatınca ister istemez sikim taş kesildi ve gözlerim karardı. Üvey anneciğimi elleyerek zevke geldikten sonra babam evde yokken anamla sikişme fırsatı yakaladım. Bedava 1080p Türkçe Bratty MILF altyazılı porno seyret ve indir.

Mom Needs Her Pussy Rubbed

Slimthick Vic has been relying on her regular home massages, but her masseuse has just cancelled at the last minute! Vic’s stepson, Tony, wanders into the room just in time to hear his stepmom begging her masseuse to reconsider because she really needs this. When she hangs up and spies Tony, Vic realizes she can still get her massage and maybe more. She pleads with Tony to give her the massage instead. Tony tries to tell her no, but she insists that even though she’s his stepmom there’s nothing weird or inappropriate about it. Eventually Tony relents and Vic goes to get ready. Reappearing in a towel, Vic lays on her stomach and tells Tony what a great job he’s doing as he kneads her muscles. She begins hiking the towel up slowly as she asks Tony to really dig into her thighs. She encourages him to go higher and higher, which eventually puts her stepson’s hand right up against her pussy. Claiming it’s not weird at all and that it’s been so long since she’s gotten fucked, Vic drops the towel and all pretense that she doesn’t want Tony’s dick inside her. It takes a little bit of wheedling, but Vic can see that Tony is nice and hard so she unzips his pants while his hand is still on her pussy and begins stroking him off. From there, it’s an easy argument for Vic to coax Tony into letting her help take care of his needs. Dropping off the massage table, Vic opens wide and stares up Tony’s body as she sucks him off complete with plenty of ball sucking. That lusty BJ can only lead to more. Since Vic is already on the bed, she lays down and rubs her big boobies as Tony shoves his dick home and gives it to his busty stepmama. It’s been so long since Vic has gotten laid! She gets on her hands and knees so Tony can spank that ass and admire her thong tan lines as he bangs her from behind. When Tony switches spots with Vic, she climbs on top of him and slides home for a reverse cowgirl ride that leaves her moaning and Tony close to cumming. Vic is happy to take care of Tony’s needs now that hers have been met. Climbing off her stepson’s dick, she gets on her belly and strokes and sucks him until he pops, creating a mess she’s happy to lick at. Full HD Turkish Bratty MILF altyazılı porno free of charge.

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