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İki hafta önce 18 yaşına giren tatlı blondie sarışın Rus kadını Kızıı Katya, para karşılığında Kızılığını bozdurmak için Defloration stüdyolarına gelir. Hayatında ilk defa kameraların önünde çıplak poz verecektir. Ve ilk cinsel olarak ilişkisi için biraz endişeli olsa da sabırsızlanmaktadır… Full HD 1080p Türkçe altyazılı Kızılık bozma pornosu seyret ve indir.

Katya Zartpopsi: Losing Her Virginity

Hello. I am Katy from a small town near Moscow. I turned 18 two weeks ago. This is a very exciting opportunity for me. I am a virgin and what shame is there in sharing this beautiful fact with the world? This is the first time I am posing without any clothes in front of others. Let me tell you I did not expect it to feel so natural.

I and my brother are the only children of our parents. My father and mother both work in a farm and I help in cooking and cleaning our house. Our home isn’t very big and I and my brother shared a room. Although I had a smaller bed to one side of the room, we often slept together. My brother is three years elder to me. One evening, a couple of years ago, we both helped out our parents in the farm and were both tired. After taking a hot shower and dinner, we decided to watch a movie in bed. I remember it was a warm night and our window was open. The curtains were moving slightly in the breeze. I do not know when we both fell asleep. An owl hooted outside our window and I woke up. I was shocked when I realised my hand was resting on the place where my brother’s cock was. He was in his pyjamas, but I could feel that he was hard and huge. This was the first time I touched a man’s dick like this. I held my breath and lay stiff. I did not know what to do and my head was spinning. I did not remove my hand. It was as if a strong magnet held my hand. I had heard about a male erection from my girlfriends, but this!!! My entire body felt as if it was lit by electricity was very excited. I looked at my hand as it cupped his big cock. I stared at it. My brother slept soundly. As I looked at it, I imagined a similar cock touching my virgin, gençage vagina… As I thought of a big cock touching my virgin pussy, pushing against it and rubbing it, my vagina became wet and slippery. I put my other hand into my panties and began to caress my virgin clitoris…It was an incredibly erotic sensation. It was as if a thousand bulbs came on inside me. I had never experienced anything like this before. My pulse got quicker and quicker; my sensations were stimulated like never before. I rose high and then fell into the abyss. This was my first orgasm. It just stunned me. As I cum again, my hand unknowingly squeezed his cock. Watch free Turkish subtitled Kızılık bozma pornosu.

My brother woke up and saw my red face. I was blushing with embarrassment and with excitement. He saw my hand on his cock and my hand in her panties. He had to be a fool not to know what I was doing. My brother was three years elder but like me, he too was always busy with work and studies and had no sexual experience. HE was at that time waiting for his college results, waiting eagerly for a call to a Moscow college. When he saw me he did not know what to do now. We lay the way we were for some time, looking away from each other. My long T-shirt that I wear to bed had rolled up. My brother suddenly turned to me and I began to kiss him tenderly. I was completely aroused and did not think of what was right or wrong. I climbed on top of him and pushed my tongue inside his mouth. He started kissing me back, pulling my hair back with his hands and moaning a bit. I could feel his dick pushing through his pyjamas. He rolled aside and took off his bottoms. My hand could now feel his hot, huge, slippery penis. He rested his dick against my stomach. Both of us moved faster and faster. His penis was trying to get inside my virgin vagina, but I turned and did not allow it. My brother moaned and gasped and I felt something hot and sticky flowing between her legs right between her labia. It felt like eternity… Turkish subtitled Kızılık bozma pornosu videos. It was beautiful…My brother got up and ran away from the room. I caressed my virgin clitoris though the sticky milk and my body shivered with delight. This was my first and last experience with a man. My brother went away to the University soon after and he made sure they never met alone after this. Today, after this photo shoot, I am ready for the next step. To lose my virginity. I told the producer my hope of being deflowered by Tommy. See you soon.

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